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BN-Happy Now?

petunia846 in bn_fanficawards

And We Have Winners!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our fanfiction awards this year! We had 31 people who voted in round 1 and 43 who voted in round 2! I hope this shows everyone that people care about Burn Notice fanfiction, so authors...get crackin'! Hopefully the new episodes starting tomorrow will bring lots of little plot bunnies your way. I look forwards to the new season and some new fic. :)

I think everyone will agree that we had some amazing stories nominated this year, and there's more out there too! I wish I could give everyone a prize, but alas, I can't.

In the Romance (Het) category:




Honorable Mentions go to "Did You Miss Me?" by me, "Back to Before" by FiRocks, "Burn Notice: Heatwave" by LillyHobbs, and "Michael and Fiona Fall in Love" by A.B. Allaway.

In the Romance (Slash) category:




Honorable Mentions go to "Better Without Them" by Missy and "The Best Spies" by Daria234.

In the General/Other category:


(We had a tie for 2nd in this category...)



Honorable Mentions go to "Not a Good Time" by yesimadramaqueen, "Drawing Out the Darkness" by SaoirseConnelly, "Monsters" by BriarElwood, and "Semper Fi" by Bec Le.

Authors feel free, obviously, to snag your little banners to post around the interwebs where ever you desire. I hope you like them.

Thank you again for the fun times guys! Thank you to our writers and actors who inspire us, thank you to everyone who writes, thank you to everyone who betas, and thank you to everyone who reads and reviews!

Maybe we can do this again next year?



Congrats to all the winners and thanks to everyone writing Burn Notice fanfic!

Re: Congrats!

Congrats to YOU my fabulous beta! My stories wouldn't be nearly as good without your help.
Thank you very much for your hard work! If you're up to it, we should definitely do this again. It's a small fandom, so anything that attracts new fans is a good thing.

What about having another award selection during the next show hiatus? Season four is bound to generate new fic, art and vids.

(I came back from a trip to find that I was nominated and had made it to the second round, which made me incredibly happy. I've never been nominated for anything like this before. So thank you for the happy feelings the awards generated :)
No problem! Congratulations :)
Thank you :) I look forward to the next round of awards!
Congrats!!! <3
Thank you <3333 And to you, bb!
Thank you so much for running this and for the AWESOME banners!

Congrats to everyone :)


Wow I can't believe I won, thanks so much everyone! (I'm PSU93Girl) And thanks to Petunia for letting me know my story was nominated. That was my first-ever fanfic. Guess I have a lot to live up to!

Re: Wow!

Hi! I'm the person who nominated you - I just wanted to let you know I love your fics and congratulate you on winning!


Re: Wow!

Thanks so much! I am sure I'll feel some inspiration after tonight's premiere. Plus I'm about to change jobs and I'll have more normal hours so I'll have more time to write once that happens.

Thanks again, I love to write and it's always nice to hear from my readers! :)

Re: Wow!

Oops, forgot to login. ^^That was me. :)

Re: Wow!

You're quite welcome! I hope you'll get some good writing time in!
Wow! I'm so thrilled to have placed, let alone gotten first in the slash cateogry; I'm very proud of both "Belonging" and "All Points North and West", and so glad that they were enjoyed.

Next year would be awesome, and I'd be glad to help/participate in any way - maybe there should be a category for vidders, too!

Congradulations to all of the nominees and winners, and thank you to petunia846 for running the awards!
Wow, I can't believe I won an award--I'm honored and very, very happy! :D Huge thanks to everyone who voted, to petunia846 for organizing the awards and of course congrats to all winners and nominees!!
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