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Jun. 2nd, 2010

BN-Happy Now?


And We Have Winners!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our fanfiction awards this year! We had 31 people who voted in round 1 and 43 who voted in round 2! I hope this shows everyone that people care about Burn Notice fanfiction, so authors...get crackin'! Hopefully the new episodes starting tomorrow will bring lots of little plot bunnies your way. I look forwards to the new season and some new fic. :)

I think everyone will agree that we had some amazing stories nominated this year, and there's more out there too! I wish I could give everyone a prize, but alas, I can't.

Click to see the winners...Collapse )

Thank you again for the fun times guys! Thank you to our writers and actors who inspire us, thank you to everyone who writes, thank you to everyone who betas, and thank you to everyone who reads and reviews!

Maybe we can do this again next year?
BN-Fi Cooking Up Trouble


Master List of Nominated Fics

I had a request to post a master list of the fics that were nominated for awards, so here it is. It's in alphabetical order by title and separated by genre. Enjoy!

Romance (Het):Collapse )

Romance (Slash):Collapse )

General/Other:Collapse )

May. 31st, 2010

BN-What Grenade?


Round 2/Final Round

Good morning!

Follow the link to vote in Round 2 of the 2010 Burn Notice FanFiction Awards. This is the final round.


There are directions in the survey, but feel free to leave comments or questions here.

Winners will be announced here in this community on Wednesday.

Thanks, have a great day!

May. 29th, 2010

BN-Go For It


Voting: Round 1

Good morning!

Follow the link to vote in Round 1 of the 2010 Burn Notice FanFiction Awards.


There are directions in the survey, but feel free to leave comments or questions here.

Thanks, have a great day!

May. 25th, 2010

BN-What Grenade?




In honor of the start of Season 4 (June 3rd!) and in order to promote and encourage Burn Notice fanfiction I am hosting the first ever (to my knowledge) Burn Notice FanFiction awards!

Since Burn Notice is a small fandom we will only have a few categories:

Romance (Het)- ex: Michael/Fiona, Sam/Veronica, Fiona/Campbell, and so on
Romance (Slash)- ex: Michael/Sam, Michael/Victor, and so on
General/Other- anything non-shippery

Awards Timeline:
Wednesday, May 26th-Friday, May 28th (at midnight EST)

Round 1 (vote from all nominations)-
Saturday, May 29th-Sun, May 30th (at midnight EST)

Round 2 (vote from the top stories in each category based on R1 voting) )-
Monday, May 31st-Wednesday, June 2nd (at midnight EST)

Winners Announced-
June 3rd

***If we're still getting a steady stream of nominations on Friday I am willing to extend the deadlines. We wouldn't have awards by the premier date, but that's okay if it means more participation. I didn't want to leave it open for too long and then have people procrastinate and forget about it. I know that's what I tend to do. ;)

The Rules for Nomination:
-You MAY nominate as many stories as your heart desires.
-You MAY nominate your own story.
-You MAY nominate a work in progress.
-You MAY nominate work from any site on the Internet.
-You MAY nominate work of any rating.
-You MAY nominate any Burn Notice story ever written...there is no time frame.
-You May nominate crossovers but there will not be a separate category for them.
-There is NO minimum or maximum word count for stories you nominate.
-A story only needs to be nominated one time to make it to Round 1, therefore, you do not need to post a new comment to nominate something that has already been nominated (but you MAY do that if you would like to).
-The point of this contest is to promote and celebrate Burn Notice fanfiction, therefore, spam or mean-spirited comments will be deleted at my discretion.
-If there is disagreement over which category a story should be nominated for I will first attempt to contact the author and let them choose the category. If I cannot reach the author I will make the final decision.
-You MAY post a link to this post/community wherever you choose. In fact, PLEASE share this with as many people as possible (respectfully) so that we can get as much participation as possible.

Directions for Making a Nomination:
Please post a comment below. Comments are NOT screened. You do not need to have a livejournal account to leave a comment.

Please post nomination comments in the following format-
Title, Author, Category for Nomination (please choose only one category), Link to Story

Look for a new entry here Saturday morning with a link to the official survey for Round 1 voting! Thanks and have fun!
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